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Multi-era Doctor Who, plays with the idea that Darcy was a companion (sort of).Freya gets sick of Arthur and boots him back into the world a decade ahead of schedule. Post 5x13.Left for dead, she marvels at her luck when a handsome doctor offers his medical assistance.It started with a kiss.a touch.a stroke. Now the lines are blurred, and the borders are being crossed - and nothing has ever been more delicious.Five Times Hiruma Yoichi Left Someone Speechless by hadaka reviews.Kid Perona and Law in this short little crack drabble I wrote.

Naruto DxD: The Legendary. Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds. Edit. Shelby later embarrasses Riker at "Poker Night" when she calls his.

With Arthur now under threat from within the Knights of Camelot themselves, and Merlin getting so distracted by a new servant-girl in town, will he be able to balance love and destiny. : Originals

In the wake of sorrow, a measure of peace is found. 574 fix-it fic.The Two Best Kept Secrets of Camelot by ShinkonoKokoro reviews.

A oneshot inspired by the the movie and my view of how it should have ended.Wherein Lenalee totally does not think about Kanda in a way that is even slightly inappropriate.The Other Irish Genius Who Stopped By To Play Chess by SilverMoonGrimm reviews.

Mirajane tries to rid Gray of his undressing habit, but Lucy manages to ruin all her progress.With nothing to go on but a foreboding story, Merlin fears that their luck might finally run out.

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After something terrible happens, Arthur, Gwen, Gwaine, and Lancelot take their turns in protecting their protector, watching over their watcher.Werewolf (correct). Which class appears in Poker Night at the Inventory? The Sniper The Spy The Pyro The Heavy;. In fanfiction,.She also harbors a secret love for Prince Legolas, old friend of her fathers.

Stuff happens and now she has to find the creature in a place called Resembool.Tifa never expected that the day that started out so horribly, could end up becoming the best day of her life when she gives Vincent a tour to remember.His urge to best a certain navigator, it seemed, was far stronger than any animalistic impulse. Law x Nami.Without the usual distractions of swordplay and enemies they are now forced to face the scariest thing of all. each other.

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Kairi has more friends than just Riku and Sora, and more people after her heart than even they realise.Because Konoha has too many citizens and they each have too many stories to tell.Not entirely surprisingly, Merlin ends up in the dungeons again. but the Knights of the Round Table never abandon one of their own.That Arthur is unhappy to see him again is an understatement.

Naruto had never had to kill anyone just for knowing too much before.Shocked at the revelation,he runs away to the place he thinks he should belong to.Desmond is so tired of everything, and Shaun is the only one who sees it.Riddles of Water Volume 2: Carvings in the Ice by arelissa reviews.Rin runs afoul of an angry villager while she is foraging for food.Who says that women are the only ones who suffer during pregnancy.The Hashshashin, I would learn, do not kill with blades alone.

SW: KOTOR, LSF Revan and Carth: After encountering Malak on the Leviathan, Revan returns to Dantooine in search of answers.In which Arthur decides to write the greatest fan-fiction ever, Merlin is scarred for life, and Emachinescat continues to satire everything that just so happens to wander into her line of sight.Prompt: Rory Pond, Clint Barton, wounded by PlayPrayDie reviews.Board index » Viridian Dreams » Fanfiction Discussion » General Fanfiction Discussion. All times are UTC - 5 hours [ DST] Viridian Dreams FanFiction.

When Lucy finds out something that brings her to tears, Loke is there to pick up the pieces and make sure his Princess is safe.When the Strawhats met Ace in Alabasta, he showed them exactly what the 2nd Division Commander was capable of.After Geralt convinces Vernon Roche to stay his hand against some insulting peasants, Roche takes a walk and reflects on what lead him to where he is now.Sarah falls into Middle Earth and ends up captured by the Lord of the Nazgul.Luffy was taking his first steps when he gazed at his grandfather.